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ALIEN V3 -White duke - CLIPCORD for cartridges and trad. needles

ALIEN V3 -White duke - CLIPCORD for cartridges and trad. needles

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It works with both traditional needles and cartridges.

Alien was the first model that introduced us to the world; this is an updated reissue. 

This model replicates the stroke of a coil machine; we've maintained the same geometries as the original but elongated the bar to exert less stress on the rear spring and lengthen the stroke.

We've created a brass frame to keep the center of gravity low, even when mounting a battery. The stroke is smooth and precise, requiring no adjustments: it can go from fine to bold just by adjusting the voltage, or vice versa.


ADVICE: Avoid using silicone grommets; opt for high-quality rigid grommets instead. Use the elastic to stabilize the needle and prevent it from vibrating, thus avoiding ink spitting. However, be careful not to tighten the elastic too much; it should guide the needle to prevent vibrations without restricting its movement.

WEIGHT 187 gr.

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