Welcome to MOTHER TATTOO MACHINES. We are an Italian company formed by professional tattoo artists who, in 2015, decided to join forces to develop and improve machines used in the tattoo industry.

Our team consists of experienced tattoo artists with years of industry expertise. This gives us the advantage of understanding the challenges and needs of tattoo artists. With our practical experience and knowledge of the latest innovations in the tattoo world, we are able to develop machines that offer excellent performance.

Our tattoo machines are the result of extensive research and development. We have invested time and energy in the design and engineering of our machines, using high-quality materials and adopting cutting-edge technologies. We ensure that every detail, from the motor to the needles, is designed to deliver superior performance and long-lasting durability. Additionally, we collaborate with world-renowned artists to gain alternative perspectives and constantly test and improve our machines, ensuring they meet the needs of artists at every level.

All MOTHER machines are hybrid and artisanal tattoo machines, individually handcrafted. As a result, availability is always limited. Each tattoo machine we create undergoes rigorous quality testing to guarantee optimal performance and reliability. The frame is CNC-machined, and engraving and painting are done entirely by hand. Since humans are not machines, handmade products may have slight inconsistencies or defects. These are signs that the product was not mass-produced.

Every tattoo machine you purchase from us is covered by a one-year warranty, protecting you against any manufacturing defects or malfunctions.

We believe that tattoo artists' tools should be long-term investments, capable of supporting the evolution of your artistic abilities over the years. Our MOTHER tattoo machines are not only built to last but are also designed with the idea of being repairable or serviced if necessary. As tattoo artists, we are aware that a tattooist's machines are much more than just work tools. There is an emotional connection between a tattoo artist and their machines, a bond that develops over time.

Instead of having to throw away or set aside a broken or in-need-of-mother tattoo machine ALIENAmaintenance tattoo machine, our SERVICE AND SUPPORT department offers the opportunity to repair or perform a revision to restore its original performance.

Our company is committed to maintaining trusted relationships with our customers by providing excellent customer service and post-sales support. We are always available to answer questions, provide advice, and assist tattoo artists in choosing the most suitable machines and accessories for their specific needs. You can reach us at our email address: mothertattoomachines@gmail.com.