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ZeroUno- HellCat- 4,8 mm

ZeroUno- HellCat- 4,8 mm

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Stroke : 4,8 mm
Board update with a more powerful jump start.

ZeroUno is currently the pen with the most advanced software on the market, capable of electronically controlling the hertz. Hertz represents revolutions per minute, meaning the beats per minute frequency. If the hertz is set to 0, the software maintains the voltage and torque set by the tattoo artist. In situations of higher resistance, it adapts to maintain the desired parameters. Thanks to this function, we were able to implement a manual menu that allows selecting the desired hertz at any voltage. In this context, voltage is comparable to power, allowing to provide fewer hertz per minute with higher power or many hertz with higher speed and reduced power, for a gentler beating. Unlike regular motors, which regulate hertz proportionally based on the set voltage, ZeroUno offers more precise and customized control over the beating frequency. This ensures greater flexibility and precision in tattoo execution, making ZeroUno an innovative option for industry professionals.
The operating time on a full battery charge is approximately 5/6 hours (may vary depending on usage).

The package includes:
the ZeroUno machine, an instruction booklet, 2 rechargeable Panasonic lithium-ion batteries (model 18500), a fast charger with a digital display, a USB cable, battery holder  and a pen holder.

Tecnical infos:
  • dimension: 33mm x135mm
  • weight with battery: 208gr
  • operating voltage: 4/13 volts
  • stroke: 4,8 mm

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